Gathering Baskets


    From her North Berwick home in the state of Maine, Fran weaves both baskets and chairs. Fran calls her business Gathering Baskets. She has been applying her craft for many years and has many very satisfied customers. Featured below are but a few samples of the baskets she creates. She has many more styles of baskets available.

Call Fran at (207)676-8439.

Woven Chair Seats


  The woven seating Fran offers includes fiber rush, porch rockers, pressed-in cane, traditional caning, and danish weave.

Pictured here are three samples of woven chair seats and backs.

  • Traditional caning is shown on top.
  • Bottom left is herring bone pattern.
  • Bottom right is taditional fiber rush.

Shaker Style Reed Basket

  This basket is also known as a cheese basket. It was traditionally used to strain cheese. Today this beautiful open weave basket is used to add a decorative touch to your table's center piece or floral arrangement. Available diameters.
  • 4 inch: $10.00
  • 6 inch: $15.00
  • 8 inch: $20.00

Kitten Head Basket

  Another Shaker style reed basket. This is a round basket with a square base. It gets its name from its kitten's head-like sillouette. This useful basket features a handle and creates a very lovely display. Available diameters.
  • 4 inch: $6.00
  • 6 inch: $10.00
  • 8 inch: $16.00

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