mouse in bowl of flakes Harold French,  Warner, NH, (603) 746-2651
Warner, NH,
1-(603) 746-2651
mouse in bowl of flakes

Harold's Sculptures were featured in
"The Boston Globe"
special section September 28, 1997,
"Your Home Renovation Innovations".
and were also displayed at The Currier Museum in 1998

Political Carving on display at
The Smithsonian Institute
in Washington DC
for Year 2000 celebrations.

Harold's is a wild place with off-the-wall sculptured chairs and tables.

Harold French with commercials for the end of the century Harold French is a self taught artist. He calls his sculptured tables and chairs "the commercials for the end of the century".

carved cups and fries on table Your visit doesn't end here. See the sculptures up close
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carved mice on table

sculptured bottle on table

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